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Ames Universal is proud to announce the release of “HP and Me: My Little Corner of the World” in book form featuring the wit, wisdom and philosophy of HP Ames 92 years on the planet Earth. The book is available on at $7.99 for the soft-bound cover and $12.99 for the hard-bound cover, and $2.99 for Kindle.

We encourage you to purchase a copy for yourselves. The book also makes a wonderful gift to friends, family, children and adults alike. Please show your support of HP’s accomplishment by sharing “HP & Me: MY little Corner of the World” with all those whom you care about and feel will benefit from his wit, wisdom and philosophy.

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The Podcast


Ames Universal presents “HP and Me” featuring the wit, wisdom and philosophy of HP Ames 92 years on the planet Earth. SOON HP will be podcasting new episodes at with all episodes available on demand 24/7.
For close to a century HP has participated in the evolution of modern society and has observed the many pitfalls which have plagued humanity in it’s wake. “HP and Me” attempts to address some of these issues and provide witty philosophical insights into how to live a better life. Join “HP and Me” for a little “Chicken Soup for the Mind…” radio programming for the heart and soul.

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MY LITTLE CORNER OF THE WORLD by Harold Peter Ames: Author, Actor and Thinker for the Seniors of the Brave New World, and Spokesperson for Each of us in Twenty-four Adventures.

Introduction by J.J. Hurtak, Ph.D., Ph.D.

I’m proud to announce a new book by a dear friend entitled, My Little Corner of the World. H.P. Ames has given us Twenty-four Adventures of Wit, Wisdom and Philosophy. H.P. Ames is a 92 year old senior, a former Banker, Realtor, and Financial Planner and Actor who retired in San Diego and has seen it all. But more importantly, H.P. has seen the Light of new life at his ripe age, and realizing happiness is a state of mind, he reveals his secret wisdom for all occasions. As a former actor at the Great Coronado Play House in San Diego, he learned to use this guiding light through personal trials and tribulations to find the joy within. H.P. has learned the secrets of good thinking and laughter which he shares with us in his adventures that enlighten our body, mind and spirit.

The great thinkers and poet-scholars were inspired by realizing the Light of Divine inspiration with insights through which they described Life in special ways. This is also the work of H.P. Ames as we listen to his words of wisdom. In H.P.’s small, but compact book of adventures, we can connect to his stories of life. . As we hear the mellifluous voice of the H.P., let us close our eyes and concentrate on our body as a beautiful garment of Light surrounded by little gems of light.

Actor and super sleuth H.P. Ames, shows us how our “Little Corner” of the universe can be filled with love and understanding. He unravels, perhaps, the greatest mystery of all time, a life code that seems to underlie all our actions of life by the decision we make to visualize the Light, concentrate on the Light, and use our golden years to find meaning in the way we share our positive thinking with others. With wit and insight, we begin to feel the vibrations of good energy between every level of life. Let us always go with the Light and listen to the wisdom and wit of H.P.

The themes presented in this book, My Little Corner of the Word, remind us to receive our true wit and happiness flowing through, around, and in between each chapter of the book as we adventure into re-discovering our powerful heart presence.

H.P. would like us to listen and honor our hearts, to nourish ourselves deeply and unfold our true self into the world with our renewed lives giving the best of our story of life to our fellow humanity so that we can take the higher path.

And now, beloved listener, be inspired as you hear the important message that goes with each chapter of our “Little Corner” of life on Mother Earth.

JJ Hurtak Ph.D., Ph.D.

Season 1
Season 2
Season 3